• Your flowers are noticably fresher than others. What do you do different?

    Glad you asked! Have you ever toured across the country in the back of a smelly, humid bus? That's what most flowers have been subjected to by the time they arrive at your doorstep. But not our flowers. While our competitors use a dank tour bus, at Hipper.com our flowers travel lighting-quick, supermodel fashion, in a cool, climate-controlled environment. They arrive fresh and fragrant like they were just picked.

  • How do you package your flowers?

    As if they were people. Because if you think about it, our flowers are living things, and we treat them as such. Every flower is packed securely so as not to allow excessive movement, and is kept in a cool environment so they remain fresh.

  • Will my flowers arrive in a vase?

    Some will, some won't. It depends on the style of arrangment you picked when ordering. If a vase is included, we make this very clear in the product description. If a vase is NOT included, we will make available various offerings in the "special extras" section of the product page. We make it as easy as possible for you to create the perfect arrangment.

  • Can I go ahead and order a vase anyway?

    It is our pleasure if you so decide. With any flowers that are suitable for display in a vase, you will see a wide selection of choices on the product page.

  • Am I able to add a gift message with my order?

    Not only can you add a gift message, but we'll even print it for you on top-quality card stock and place it in with your order. We only ask that you please limit your adulations to 200 words or less. Sometimes, less is more.


  • I see something called "Shopper Discounts and Rewards" What is that?

    Shopper Discounts and Rewards is your ticket on online shopping Nirvana. It's an online-only program that save you money on goods and services from participating retailers. Your membership also incluces Price Guarantee Protection and Delivery Guarantee Protection. To find out more and enroll simply follow this link.

  • What is the best way to order from your website?

    We thought you'd never ask! It's super-simple. Just find the product that you want and click the big old Buy Now button. You'll be whisked away to our easy checkout process. Once there, just enter the address you want your gift delivered to, followed by your own details such as credit card info and your billing address. You'll of course get to choose a delivery date and even a specific time. If you're feeling particularly verbose, you can even craft a custom message for your recipient. During this process, all of your information is kept secure and confidential, and we never, ever, sell or allow access to anything you provide to us.

  • Can I call you and place my order via telephone?

    We don't offer a phone ordering service at this time - but, if you do need phone assistance to place your order, use this workaround: Just reach out to us using the Contact Us form at the top of each hipper.com page. One of our reps will get in touch with you shortly to help you. Shhh....don't tell the higher-ups.

  • What will shipping and delivery cost?

    This is the really good part: Standard delivery between 8am and 8pm is FREE to nearly any UK mainland postcodes. It is also available at weekends, so on Sunday and Saturday we wont charge anything for delivery.

  • Can you send flowers abroad? How is this done?

    Ok, here's what we do in situations like that: First, we thank you from the bottom of our flowery hearts for wanting to use us for international orders! Then, we are contracted with various local florists based near your ultimate delivery location. These florists are carefully vetted to ensure they meet Hipper.com's high standards. Simply choose your destination country with the international link in the left hand menu.

  • Will I be able to send my order anonymously if I desire?

    Oooh, being a bit sneaky and mysterious, are we? Of course we'll play along - just tell us where you want your gift to go, and we'll get it there with none the wiser as to who sent it. You can even compose a message card if you'd like, and we'll include it in your order.


Changes to orders

  • What payment methods can I use on your website?

    We accept all major credit and debit card payments, including paypal. To pay for your beautiful flowers, simply follow the easy three step checkou until you reach the final step - the payment page.

  • How can I change my order?

    There are two ways to amend orders. The first is to log into your account using the log in option at the top of the page and make changes using your order reference number. The second way is to complete the form in the "Contact Us" link at the top right corner of the page. Again, you'll want to have your order reference number to hand.

  • I would like to edit my card message. How can I do that?

    That's simple. Log into your account and you can make all the necessary changes there. Alternatively, contact our support staff and they will quickly do it for you. We can only guarantee the changes if you inform us 48 hours before the delivery date.

  • I accidentally ordered the same product twice. Can you help?

    Oops... that happens! No need to worry. Simply use the contact form to let our customer services know and they will be able to amend the order and refund the remaining money. Please note changes to order are possible only if it hasn't been assigned to production yet.

  • Do I receive a confirmation once my order is delivered?

    Yes, we will let you know as soon as possible. This service is available only for next day delivery, not international or same day delivery.

  • During what hours am I able to contact your customer service team?

    Any hour you want! We have staff on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Is that good, or what?


  • How do I ensure that my order is delivered successfully?

    Just pretend you are the delivery driver, tasked with delivering this amazing gift in the shortest amount of time possible. What information would you like to have? Complete address including full name of the recipient, any house or flat numbers, unique delivery instructions, landmarks if the property is difficult to locate. Does the recipient own a large jungle cat or a bear? Is there a chance of bodily harm? It helps to know these things. Our delivery drivers thank you in advance.

  • Are you able to deliver at a specific time?

    Due to traffic snarls and unforseen foul-ups, we offer a range of times rather than a specific, down-to-the-minute time. They are as follows: for our standard delivery, we deliver between 8am and 9pm and cannot guarantee a specific time of delivery. You choose the day. If you wish to upgrade our standard delivery, we offer premium specific time delivery options: delivery before 10am, before noon and afternoon delivery.

  • I can't find my order! Where is it?

    No cause for alarm. It's easy - in the info section of our website at the very top you will find "Track Your Order" option. Just type your reference number into that nifty little box, and we'll hunt it down for you and show you the details. Hint: Your order reference number is included in every transactional email that we send you. You DID keep those, right?

  • Are you able to guarantee delivery on a specific day?

    For our wine and flowers we absolutely can - barring public holidays of course, but you probably already knew that. Plan accordingly for those. For more information on this endlessly fascinating subject please see our Delivery Information Page.

  • I'm sending to a business address. Do you deliver to those? What about hospitals?

    Believe it or not, many hospitals will refuse delivery of fresh flowers. I know…we don't understand why, either. But we DO deliver to regular businesses, just make sure to have your delivery go out during regular business hours. This is SUPER imprtant since our standard delivery extends long past the time many businesses close up shop.

  • Do you deliver on Sundays?

    Oh yes! Our speedy flower delivery arrives even on Sunday without any hefty delivery charges.

  • So, what time will my order get to the recipient?

    Unless you've chosen a specific timed delivery option (before 10am, before noon or afternoon), your flowers are expected to arrive anytime between 8am and 8pm.

  • What happens if you show up and the recipient isn't home?

    We throw the flowers in the bin and leave. Just kidding! There are actually several tricks we have at our desposal to ensure delivery: We will leave the order in a secure location on the property provided one can be found (the safekeeping of your order is of the highest priority, so we exercise extreme discretion). Barring that, we will leave them with a neighbor, but only if they look trustworthy, and with the same cautionary tale as before. In both instances, we will leave a card so the recipient will know what we did. In the event that we can't complete the delivery, the flowers will be returned to our depot and we'll contact you to re-arrange delivery.

  • The person I'm sending to is only going to be in before lunch. Can you ensure delivery before then?

    Of course! We offer a variety of guaranteed delivery options including both before noon and before 10am on weekdays.

Order problems

Order problems

  • Why did my payment fail?

    Well, there are many reasons that could happen. The most common is the issuing bank denied the charge. We don't receive a reason why on our end, and this is unfortunatley completely outside of our control. We want the charge to go through as bad as you do! The other common reason is you made a typo when entering the card info, especially the security code. Give it another go and if that doesn't work, call your bank or try another payment method.

  • What' the best way to get in touch with you when I have trouble with payment method?

    It's critical that you contact us as soon as you can, because without payment we are unable to deliver your order. The best way is to use our contact page so our customer service representative can help you out as soon as possible. Please do not leave credit card info in a message to us as we cannot process payment that way.

  • What happens if I don't pay prior to the order going out?

    Nothing! That's why it's critical to resolve any payment issue as soon as possible. We cannot send flowers out for delivery until they have been paid for.

Delivery issues

  • The recipient said they never got my order. What should I do now?

    Definitely contact us using the form at the top of each page. One of our agents will reach out to you so we can resolve this issue.

  • The delivery confirmation said the order was left in a "secure place." What does that mean?

    If our delivery driver is unable to leave the order with an actual person, we'll place it in a safe place on the property and leave a note explaining its location. But, since you're asking this question, it could be that you couln't locate the order. If that is the case, fill out the Contact Us form at the top of the page and we'll get on this as fast as possible to locate your order for you!

  • I ordered flowers from you and the recepient told me the flowers weren't what I specified. Can you explain? What should I do?

    In extremely rare circumstances the delivering florist may make changes to the order depending on the overall quality of the available blooms. This is a regretable and sometimes unavoidable fact of the fresh flower business: We are shipping live items, and sometimes they experience problems. We don't wish to ever deliver sub-standard flowers. This is stated in our terms and conditions. We always attempt to contact the buyer (you) proir to making any changes, but since time is of the essence this isn't always possible. If you are dissatisfied with your order, please do fill out the Contact Us form and we'll do ur best to make the situation right for you, includIng re-delivery of the flowers in question.

  • I asked for a specific delivery slot and the flowers still arrived late. What can I do?

    Every now and then our delivery drivers run into things (not literally) that are beyond their control. If something happens that will prevent your flowers from arriving on time, our driver will make every reasonable attempt to contact you and/or the recepient. If you are still not satisfied, please fill out the Contact Us form at the top of the page, and we will strive to make it perfect for you.

  • Why did my delivery fail?

    Our delivery drivers make every attempt to deliver the order on time and in person. Sometimes we are unable to do this effectively for a variety of reasons, such as: The recipeint wasn't at home, and we could not find a safe place to leave the delivery, or there were problems with the delivery address, such as a locked gate with no intercom, or a marauding beast of some sort. Please use the Contact Us form at the top of the page, and we'll look up your order for you and rearrrange for its delivery.

  • What is a UK postcode? I'm not familiar with this.

    In the UK, postcodes are similar to street addresses in the US. They can represent a street, part of a street, or even a specific house. The format is usually A9AA, A99 9AA, A9A 9AA, AA9 9AA, AA99 9AA, and AA9A 9AA. The letter A represents a letter and the numeral 9 represents a number.

  • Why is the postcode so important?

    Without a postcode our delivery drivers will not know specifics of the delivery location. It's almost like asking them to just take their best guess, which I'm sure you'll agree is not the best way to go about deliverying flowers. In fact, without a postcode we are unable to guarantee delivery.

  • Ok, so how do I find the correct postcode?

    Easy! Here are two reliable links that will help you find the right one.