A Dozen Pink Roses Giftwrap

A dozen pink blushing roses for your blushing sweetheart.


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Mini Birthday balloon - on a stick 2,52 €
Blue Teddy Bear 6,31 €
Pink Teddy Bear 6,31 €
Dark brown teddy - small 3,78 €
Happy Birthday Chocolate Bar 3,78 €
Mini I Love You balloon - on a stick 2,52 €
Luxury pralines 125g 7,58 €
Modern Clear Vase 5,05 €
Cuddly Brown Teddy Bear 7,58 €
(Silver) Marc de Champagne Cocoa Dusted Truffles 6,31 €
Mini Get Well balloon - on a stick 2,52 €
Baby Boy  Balloon - on a stick 2,52 €
Baby Girl  Balloon - on a stick 2,52 €
Congratulations Chocolate Bar 3,78 €
Hand Cream Ginger and Lime 8,84 €
Hand Cream Rose Petal 8,84 €
(Gold) Plain Cocoa Dusted Truffles 6,31 €
(Orange) Salted Toffee Cocoa Dusted Truffles 6,31 €
(Purple) Praline Cocoa Dusted Truffles 6,31 €
(Yellow) Cookies Cocoa Dusted Truffles 6,31 €
(Pink) Raspberry Macaroon Cocoa Dusted Truffles 6,31 €
Palladian Vase 6,31 €

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  • Standard
    • 12x rosa - Rosa Short Stem Pink 40cm
    • Emballé dans du cellophane transparent
    • Vase non inclus
    • Taille: 40cm
    • 16x rosa - Rosa Short Stem Pink 40cm
    • Emballé dans du cellophane transparent
    • Vase non inclus
    • Taille: 40cm
    • 20x rosa - Rosa Short Stem Pink 40cm
    • Emballé dans du cellophane transparent
    • Vase non inclus
    • Taille: 40cm
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    Évaluation Générale: 4,3
    Nombre d'avis: 242
    Produit: A Dozen Pink Roses Giftwrap

    | Yelverton | |
    Service rating : Disappointed that the flowers didn’t arrive until late on the day after the day they should have been delivered. I accept that this was the fault of the courier and to their credit Serenata did give me a full refund so I can’t be too harsh with my assessment. Perhaps they should look at their relationship with their couriers though!!
    Product : Owing to the fact that they’d been in the couriers van for nearly 36 hours they didn’t arrive in pristine condition.
    | Knaresborough | |
    Service rating : I was initially pleased as delivery was made how and when specified. However, after only two days half the roses were wilting so I was terribly disappointed to hear about this and of course there is nothing I can do.
    Product : The flowers themselves did not last at all. I expect flowers to last ten days to two weeks and don’t think I’m being unreasonable in this, so I was very disappointed to learn that half of them had wilted within 48 hours.
    | Guildford | |
    Service rating : Arrived on the right day at the right place, were easy to order. People commented that they didn’t like the cost of the card, but there’s a free one you can have that says Serenata flowers on. Fair enough - I don’t mind their logo on a card! will use this site again.
    Product : Grandma said thank you for the red roses (I ordered pink) but I’m inclined to believe them rather than her - she’s 96! I’m sure they were lovely, and she really liked them anyway.
    | Almeria | |
    I saw a photograph of the flowers as they arrived and thought they looked quite nice. I cannot say hand on my heart thy they looked magnificent however that could have been a poor photograph. I was told by the recipient that they were much appreciated which is THE most important thing, however she did say they didn't look gorgeous. ! I can't say I'm thrilled as I have used Seranata for years. I'm uncertain that I will continue to use them.
    | Barking | |
    Service rating : Had Trouble in the past with Serenata but have recently sent 3 Bouquets and have had good feed back from recipients.
    Product : Person who received flowers was very pleased with the flowers but will say was told it would be £16.99 when I put in the voucher number was told didn’t exist so I paid £19.99 for the bouquet.
    | Sheffield | |
    Service rating : It’s great the way you guys keep us the customer up to date on all the stages from receipt of order to delivery. Its one thing less to worry about, I’m totally confident with the service and quality product.
    Product : I haven’t actually seen them. The recipient said they were gorgeous
    | Mansfield | |
    Only issue was that the driver didn’t deliver the flowers to the specific address requested, he/she delivered them to a place of work instead, because they recognised the surname of the recipient, however the recipient wasn’t this member of the family, so the flowers got given to the mother instead of the daughter. In future, maybe the drivers shouldn’t assume so much.
    | Derby | |
    Although the box was a little battered the flowers were fine, to my amazement and delight the roses lasted for over two weeks, absolutely beautiful blooms. I treated myself as the price was so reasonable and may do again. Excellent value, efficient service - well done
    | | |
    They were a gift for my Aunt who was thrilled with them. I didn't see the flowers as we live
    200 miles apart . My whole family live at similar distances & I've used you before & recipients always raved about your flowers & their longevity . Thanks
    | | |
    Service rating : We order from New Zealand and will continue to do so. Have always had excellent service. Thank you Serenata.
    Product : Comments from recipient were very positive. Thank you for making her day, and ours!
    | Blandford Forum | |
    Service rating : I particularly liked the fact that they let me know my flowers had been delivered but all aspects of the service were excellent.
    Product : Excellent price - however, I didn’t see the flowers, but the recipient said they were lovely
    | Surrey | |
    Service rating : The flowers were there on time and left in the agreed spot. Nice one. Thanks!
    Product : I didnt see them myself but they looked great from the photos. And mum said they are lasting a long time so thats all i can ask for.

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  • Livraison le jour-même

    Les Livraisons sont normalement effectuées entre 8h et 18h par un fleuriste locales qui vous livrera vos fleurs le jour même à l'adresse du destinataire. Cependant, pendant les périodes chargées, ces délais de livraison peuvent différer légèrement et nous nous réservons le droit de vous livrer entre 7h et 20h lors de circonstances exceptionnelles.

    • Nous ne pouvons pas envoyer de notifications pour les commandes de livraisons le jour-même
    • Nous ne garantissons pas que nous pouvons suivre les instructions de livraison.
  • Dans de rares cas il est nécessaire de remplacer le cadeau initial par un autre produit de style semblable, de qualité et de valeur égale ou plus élevée.
  • Q. Vos fleurs sont-elles fraîches?

    A. Au lieu de patientez pendant des jours à l'arrière d'un camion allant de magasin en magasin avec d'autres centaines de fleurs à travers la France, le voyage des fleurs de Hipper est très efficace et deux fois plus rapide.

    Q. Comment sont emballées les fleurs?

    A. Très confortablement, très précautionneusement et très élégamment

    Q. Les fleurs sont- elles livrées dans un vase ?

    A. Certaines de nos compositions comprennent un vase qui est inclus dans le prix. Dans les cas où le vase n'est pas inclus, nous vous proposons une gamme de récipients appropriés dans la section "Extras" de la page du produit afin que vous puissiez, si vous le désirez, en ajouter un à votre commande .

    Q. Est-il possible de commander un vase avec les fleurs ?

    A. Avec grand plaisir! Si les fleurs que vous commandez sont appropriées pour être présentées dans un vase, nous vous proposerons quelques options sur la page du produit afin que vous puissiez en ajouter un à votre commande.

  • De la même manière que vous aimez enlever votre manteau et poser votre sac, vos roses veulent se délester de tout excédent. Otez délicatement les pétales extérieurs endommagés ; ceux-ci ont été laissés pour protéger la fleur contre d'éventuels dégâts durant le transport. De même, retirez les feuilles du bas afin qu'elles ne trempent pas dans l'eau une fois dans le vase, et enlevez la ficelle qui maintient les tiges ensemble.
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